Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sweet Week',',',',',',',',',end

What a sweet weeknd weve had, weather was so hot down n whanga so i been surfing satday & sundizill. I didnt head out to d trails till latter in the days this weeknd so i didnt get a lot of diging done wich is pritty gay, oh well. Some photos below from the forth set you dont need captions but the tire grab was taken late and i couldnt be f##ked doing it again. I was dehidrated and getting squrly. by BY..''..

Saturday, November 22, 2008

George came down to Whanga on friday for a weeknd of diging and riding. Unfortunetly it was cut short when he smashed his knee saterday evening. Get better soon george. And below i finaly have some riding photos from the trails. We started riding the forth set wich was sweet but the photos are from the third.

Josh hip euro.,..,.

george's busted knee

The first set made a sweet chill spot. i look like a nutcase/?/ here

gEorge fence ice stall'

k lib opo tabo

george tabo ill

hip over view

hip flot

Thats all for nOwWW[']['][,]

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Random pixellS

Another weeknd passes and still i have no riding photos from the new trails. Oh well ive atached some other trail pico's.

I chilled out the trails by myself again this weeknd and finished the 8th== landing. the trails are still prity moist but i rode the first three yesterday and they rode relly nice. Its raining agan today so might be a bit before i get to ride em agan. buy Buy.....,,,,,,,..

alen riding my old trails a couple years ago.

posh. lookin so nice...

brian yeagle riding some new trails in pittsburg,,,

Monday, November 3, 2008

Trip to Christchurch

So i shot down to Christchurch wit dee twins e-wok kirk & jono dis weeknd. Had a f11king rad time that city is rad and thanks alot to Robbie for showing us around.

This hip at jelly park rules. t-bog and look back

I think this guys name is Ben (sweet high table over a small hip)

George nohander


robbie super nice table

E-wok foot plant wip.

George 360 lookback (click)(ed)

A split second after i took this photo jono threw his bike. The bike hit a kid and fractured his eye socket. bumer...