Tuesday, May 19, 2009

weeknd + random pic's = post

Went for a sweet bush walk this weeknd with josh, probly do a realy long one next weeknd. havent been diging much, been lazzy. Well not realy just been doing outher stuff.

George B full pipe + frazzzzzerrr & jadddden

water fall on bushwalk

lola + crazzy pussy

josh& lola

Sick view

Saturday, May 9, 2009

end of the death staR

Josh and i went fishing last night, was prity fun time. cought a few kawi and a snapar.

heres a photo i took last weeknd looking over whangamata beach

josh puting wood on d fire

was full moon to

josh;s yard

veiw from top of hill on the way to the beach

dark sides rule

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mid summer pic,s

Well i gues winter,s creeping in pritty close now, havent riden trails in bout a month and the skate parks been full of kids every day. Dont even no were they have all come from never youst to be that packed. heres some pics from mid summer

hip tuck

And heres some photos of villij woods from a ride uk mag i got yesterday. I relly hope those guys can save whats left of them they look amazing and i was planing to go ther next year

frog deville line, suposedly one of the most tech lines in the uk

lines,lines, lines...