Sunday, April 19, 2009

Photo oVerload

Fuck its been a while since my last post but anyhow heres a shit load of pics from a few sets of nz trails. winters coming in now so no more riding siligna for bout five months 'fuck. oh well aukland trails are still runing i think.
josh 360 a while back

ok so this is a new spot in auk and come summer its gona be dope as hell. pigy blasting the second set at te yet to be named new spot.

Ash on the roll in

just look at this place, its gona sick.
ash left pigy right

PMP lines lines lines

Ash turn down at siligna



third set main line
2nd set zoom line

calib 270 x

roast kickout

ash and lolla chillin

one foot flatty klib