Sunday, January 25, 2009

RunIng Neat

Well the jam at PMP for alens 21st was fun i could,nt be fucked taking any pic,s whilst i was there as i was having to much fun riding . But heres some radnes from siligna woods erlyer today, there alot of fun at the moment and ill problly have a jam in about a months time

pigy boostin over ferns

caleb over the ferns jump


kick outtttttttttttttts r fun as hellllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still got coppies of the pa woods dvd if anyone wants to buy a copie hit me up at dvds are $20

frzzer riding pigys bike cozzzzzzzzzzz he be fuct his crank

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TRUBMX- trail riders untited bicycle moto cross said...

yo yo yo Janis could'nt remember who he'd sent those copies of "catty woods" to hahahaha nice guy he is aye! Good to see a dedicated digger such as you Caleb is help'in to spread the trail goodness around & help'in those boy's in PA save there woods! an yes it is full of ruling riding man! BOOST! Fuck yeah!keep on diggin bro, ya woods are look'in soo beautiful!