Sunday, July 26, 2009

another weeknd

fraser and pigy came down this weeknd to do some digin ridin and chillin. Was a sweet weeknd, got a bit of diging done, got drunk on the beach and got some sweet photos. Oh yea and had some rad tramp bike sesions. Didnt get any snaps of pigy, he left early this morning for some moto racing. thanks for coming down guys and thanks to the wiahi guys to for helping out the woods.



kick out

this is a rad hip

spine 360


fraser whanga bowl

nothin can can on the tramp board

fraser wip


trubmx - trail riders untited bicycle motocross said...

yo Caleb, ya blogs look'in good man, nice pic's, you keen on a few ?? on trail boss'in? flic me an e-mail sometime if ya into it, & i'll send ya the questions, i'm heading over to Austin then up to PA august next year can't fuck'in wait man,gona do the sydney stop over & go catch up wit Jarod & roast Mt. White, dam your gona get to PA b4 me hahahhaa pave the way for us kiwi's bro, shot! I'm look'in at being in aucks sometime early next year, i'm keen to help do some diggin & maybe if ya let my rotten southern ass in for a roll thru ya trails man, or not hahahhaa! Dig on ya solo wolf! Your always welcome at stony hills for a dig & roll anytime ya down south!


trubmx - trail riders untited bicycle motocross said...

dig on digger!

ben s said...

man that hip looks fun!