Sunday, October 18, 2009

News Of Badness

so i got some real shitty news for ya, the siligna woods were cut down to the ground recently but the start of the trails wich were built in pine trees (and not the saligna gum trees) still remain. I get home next saterday and will go check the place to decide whether to keep building out there or start new.

eric early morning catty sesh.


Anonymous said...

Shit house as eh, my parents drove past and then txt me saying they think they were cut down, i havent been out but it doesnt sound good.

cyu when you get back bro.


caleb said...

yea man it sucks, ive been thinking of starting new ones in native bush somwere. if we do that well be able to camp and have fires ther.

Anonymous said...

Sounds mean, sucks that they wont be running by summer though, depends we might be able to get a last ride in at siligna?

Whats it like digging in summer?


Anonymous said...

dude that sucks!

Anonymous said...

hey man
ive got some pictures i took of them. ill get keegan to show me hw to send them to you. sorry bout the bad news ae


caleb said...

yea man we can dig all summer as long as its in the woods. im super pumped to dig at the moment, should only take a few weeks to get a line going at a new spot. we can just like camp out and dig all night and shit. i have to have some trails.

Anonymous said...

haha definatly, should be good.

Natives gunna be mean!


Pom from PMP said...

That really sucks dude! Cruz up if your hanging for a trails fix. We'r hoping to get our patch council backed and fully legit soon

Ash_PMP said...

Hey Bro
That's shitty, Let us no if you need a hand when you get back or come ride our trails.

trubmx - trail riders united bicycle motocross said...

dam that's a real downer man, i hope it all works out for Caleb, wether ya rebuild at ya siligna spot or ya find new woods to start over, sucks dog balls man! I kno it's a long way but ya kno ya welcome @ Stony hills to bro! Stay pos & goodluck.