Sunday, April 18, 2010

Auk photos

So heres some images from when i was up in Aukland last weeknd louis look back
logan xup


this Jaden Leeming rips shit up to fuck these days.


jam foot

jaden again

me no arms

louis x 2


TRUBMX said...

sweet pic & words in 20/20 dude! Raine is awesome! Dig on!


george said...

yeah calib! sooo sick! im always stoked to see ya blog bro

Anonymous said...

hey man, I'm moving to aukland NZ in january from the U.S.A. I'll be living downtown Aukland.

Can you, or somebody email me back, I'd love to come check out the trails. I live in Philadelphia, and used to frequently go up to bethlehelm to ride Catty and Posh.

I also have some little trails in Philly...

Hit me back!!!!!


Anonymous said...

from above email... sorry... my email address is: