Monday, April 5, 2010

long weeknd

So the four day weeknd has come and been and what a sweet weeknd it was. I met up with the brothers from taranga in whanga friday morning who were not in a very good state due to the night befor.
Anyway we rode for a bit but no one was felling it except for paul langlands.
fuck im getting sick of trying to write somthing about the weeknd, im no good at it so just check out the photos. autum NZ
fun gap at the mount

henry on the job at whiritoa on friday, on the way back to taranga.

blair x-up toupo monday



henry hop over rainbow rail to flat

i at the mount park, this is such a sweet bowl

harry one foot x

i made this card structure friday night or was it saterday night yea i think it was saterday. anyway i think this is a cool picture, notice the pen on the left hand side nocking it down.

the brothers were stoked on it.

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Henry said...

sick post brother. do u still have our trail key?